Emoji FAQ

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★Attention: Many Android device before 4.1 Jelly Bean can not display emoji. So I urge you to read this FAQ.

I still can't see emoji in my other apps after installation. Why?

This app does not install emoji font to your Android system, it is a tool for you to view emoji within this app. Read further if you want to hack your phone and install emoji font.

How do I decode emoji in other apps?

1. Via Sharing: Some apps, for example, the Twitter app allow you to share tweets. Simply share the tweets with emoji and choose "Emoji Codec" as the target.

2. Via Copying: Other apps such as the Android Messaging let you copy SMS text. Simply launch Emoji Codec after copying.

I don't like copying or sharing. How do I see emoji in other apps?

Hacking your phone is the only way.

Will it be an emoji keyboard?

Yes, it is now integrated with Multiling O Keyboard. Via long-press the [?123] key.

OK, show me how to hack my phone.

You need to root your phone first and then install emoji fonts.

1. Root your phone. Google it for more information. i.e. google "root EVO" if you own a HTC EVO.

2. Click here to learn how to install emoji font.

3. Alternatively, you can use FontChanger app

I have encoded some emoji, what's next?

1. Share it. Menu → Send → Choose your apps (Twitter, Google Buzz, SMS...)

2. Paste it. Simply hit back key, open other app and paste it.

My friend with iPhone can't see my SMS with emoji!

It could be due to many reasons: 1. Your SMS app unicode option is off. 2. Some network carriers still cannot handle emoji and other asian characters.

When will Android device support emoji natively?

Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) has already supported most of the emoji (not 100% though).

After upgrading to Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), I see boxes no more, just blanks.

Instead of showing boxes, ICS now shows blanks for unsupported glyphs. If you want to send the emojis, just send the blanks, it will get through even though you can see them.

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